Friday, March 16, 2012


I bought this tape from give up's webstore its released under his label Sister SSounds. This marks the labels first release on cassette and holy shit was I blown away by the packaging, I got 6/20 on the alternative packaging and their is just a lot here to comment on between the cassette box itself being damn cool although it was near painful to rip the glue to open the box to get the tape, it felt like a criminal act. Included was a poster, booklet, pins, digital download all in a crime scene evidence bag, I don't know if the special edition is still available but if that description alone enticed you pick the tape up here The tape is 6 tracks repeats on both sides, starts off pretty ambient and droning with gentle guitar riffs, it gives off one of those closed eyes laying down when you listen kind of vibes. I kind of got annoyed at a point waiting for some harsh noise wall to hit but it seemed to just never come. Minimal use of samples which really wasn't a bad thing, I feel this is my new soundtrack to falling asleep though. Not saying its bad, just saying its slow snail like pace at times and ambiance is soothing. Once again I admit I am fucking terrible at depicting noise tapes, so here listen for yourself and correct me if I irritated you with my babbling,

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trap Them- Filth Rations

I picked this up I think like a year and a half ago when Trap Them played with Every Time I Die at Peabody's. I remember I got in free which was one of the main reasons I even went because aside from Trap Them show was eh at best. The tape is out of 350 from Dead Accents available still here 8 bucks might seem like a high price but the custom packaging and everything on the tape construction is really nice. However with the elaborate assembly I expected the tape to be screen with something more than just the label logo. 4 tracks I mean as an EP its cool but its hard to stand up next to Seizures honestly. Even now after darker handcraft I still like Seizures the best. This is still alright, nothing that blew me away though.

Flies- Demo mmxi

It seems like forever ago I bought this at the tape release show. 5 tracks in like 5 minutes. Pretty much matches the live set of Flies which is always a good chaotic time with people either throwing shit, fireworks, pumpkins you know whatever you can find. Favorite track is Haphephobia "DONT FUCKING TOUCH ME DONT FUCKING TOUCH ME" for being recorded live I was pretty impressed sounds really good. This was released by Heavens Gate Records which is long gone now it seems. I forgot what the tape was out of my guess somewhere around the ballpark of 50 with 15 being specific for the show, but don't quote me on that. The tape is pink came in ziplock bag with lyric sheet and poster. The lyric sheet has collage of tower antics on the back and the poster is pretty bad ass with anti-existence writing which is fucking rad. Flies has been pretty quiet as of late, I hope they aren't totally done, but I am sure they will surface sometime soon at a tower show you never know. Im pretty sure the tapes are gone but it never made it on Heavens Gates site for purchase, Flies use to have a blogspot but I couldn't find it. Either way band put it on mediafire before its release so since your prolly screwed on finding a tape check out the tracks here

Monday, March 12, 2012

Low Places- Spiritual Treatment

I bought this off my dude who runs Work in Shadows. I always was sorta into Low Places the demos were pretty cool, I was kinda bummed Spiritual Treatment was basically both demos put onto one recording but that's neither here nor there. This recording is pretty clean for how gritty Low Places sounds usually, which is pretty fucking rad. Distracting myself from the music for a moment the J- Card has some KKK shit on it, for whatever reason, I mean I sorta get it but in reality I don't know why, not a huge fan. I like the "Fuck Life," tag on the inside of the J card. The B side appears to be the entire album in reverse, I guess that's cool, I mean its different but there is no sweet back masking telling me to worship the devil so it's just weird ha. So I mean the B side is kind of a wash honestly unless you are super intrigued to listen to the tape backwards. If you want to pick it up the special edition that I got 34/35 is sold out unless you buy a package deal, but you can still get the regular version of the tape /65 at and if you want to listen to demo versions of the tracks or these tracks listen up here and to buy shit straight from the band look here PS I have no idea why the image is stuck that way I tried to fix it/reupload three times but fuck it.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

PizzaHiFive- Live At the Funeral Home

I just got this off my friend who runs Adamant Blasts check it out here he's got some bad ass things in the works. At first I wasn't sure what to expect PizzaHiFive rips, but I have never really been into live recordings because their natural usually terrible quality. I don't know how he got this recording at the show on 8/25/2011 at The Funeral Home in Buffalo but it actually is pretty fucking rad. The drums are naturally loudest in the mix but the guitars and vocals aren't completely drown out which makes it great. The blasts are relentless and the whole thing is solid, some random banter in between, but mostly straight nine grinding fucking chaotic tracks to beat up your best friend to. The ninth track is a new untitled track for all you nerds looking for a reason to check this out and why its "special". Oh and its the first release on Adamant Blasts and it's limited to 80. I don't know how many the band has/he has so email him and order it $5 bucks alone is worth the privilege of seeing the image on the inside of the J-card anyways. Now your interested? I won't tell, buy it you fucking dunce.

The Love Below- ST

This was a tour tape out of 35 but my persistent nagging I think landed it online for purchase before they left for tour. I snatched it up, considering the fact that I bitched for it haha. It is a partial discography of sorts with all songs from the Reproductive Rights EP, the songs from the split with my dudes in Homewrecker, a song off the new LP out soon on A389 Records, and a cover. The new track is pretty solid better quality as far as production goes compared to older songs. Next is the split with Homewrecker fav track is definitely Uncomfortable. Reproductive Rights songs are still pretty rad still love Some of Us Have Real Problems. Im glad the Doom Generation sample made it on here unlike the 7" that one always cracked me up. The cover is pretty cool I wasn't really expecting that song it kinda just reminded me oh hey Wire was bad ass. Nothing super spectacular to mention about the layout pretty standard J card then insert with tracklisting, tape is flat black with tlvblw written in silver paint pen I think. Overall was worth bitching for.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Thee High Priestess -MMXII Demo

Well I picked this up from the A389 Bash 02/10 somewhat secretly, but I already cracked the case somewhere in between unwrapping the tissue paper wrapped case complete with button, like a schlub. I kinda bought this without listening to it online hoping for the surprise element to be just that. Turns out to be noise which I kinda knew going in but wasn't quite positive. Four tracks two per side all around 3 minutes in length. I don't always know how to judge noise tapes because well obvious reasons. But turns out this was type of noise a dig no harshness really, light harsh and eerie-ness, a mix of horror/sci-fi type of soundtrack. The few samples on here seemed to add to the overall feel rather than distract like a lot of samples tend to do. The tape itself flowed very well overall it was rather intriguing. It didn't drag which is what I feel most noise experiments people have tend to do, and I know that's the point with droning projects but those bore me all too often. If you are interested in hearing the tracks look to here, the secret bash ones are gone, the first press of 25 are gone but there are intentions of a second press so keep an eye out here or maybe I'll distract myself from reviews and post a news update up when I hear that they are on their way.