Friday, March 16, 2012


I bought this tape from give up's webstore its released under his label Sister SSounds. This marks the labels first release on cassette and holy shit was I blown away by the packaging, I got 6/20 on the alternative packaging and their is just a lot here to comment on between the cassette box itself being damn cool although it was near painful to rip the glue to open the box to get the tape, it felt like a criminal act. Included was a poster, booklet, pins, digital download all in a crime scene evidence bag, I don't know if the special edition is still available but if that description alone enticed you pick the tape up here The tape is 6 tracks repeats on both sides, starts off pretty ambient and droning with gentle guitar riffs, it gives off one of those closed eyes laying down when you listen kind of vibes. I kind of got annoyed at a point waiting for some harsh noise wall to hit but it seemed to just never come. Minimal use of samples which really wasn't a bad thing, I feel this is my new soundtrack to falling asleep though. Not saying its bad, just saying its slow snail like pace at times and ambiance is soothing. Once again I admit I am fucking terrible at depicting noise tapes, so here listen for yourself and correct me if I irritated you with my babbling,

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